Acclaimed American street photographer Bruce Gilden is notable for his high level of energy candid close-up portraits of people on the street and his cinematic imagery now in color.  His work is part of numerous museums and galleries around the world.  Gilden has published 9 books since 1998.  Bruce Gilden was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2013. He lives in New York. 

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Latest Projects

Bruce Gilden x DRYKORN Campaign Shoot AW17

Venture out onto the streets of New York's Chinatown with Bruce Gilden & DRYKORN. 

What Really Makes Good Street Photography? An Interview with Bruce Gilden.

An honest, to the point insight into Street Photography with Bruce Gillden, circa 2014.

Street Photography with Bruce Gilden.

An archived 2008 documentary on street photography. Hunt for characters on the Streets of New York City with photography legend Bruce Gilden.

Bruce Gilden tells you what makes good Art Photography.

We looked through the archives and found this throwback thursday video interview with Bruce Gilden on Art Photography. 

Kudos to the wonderful people at Vice. 

Gilden’s new book is called Face. Even by his standards, it’s extreme!

“Face”, Gilden’s just published book, combines face portraits that he took from 2012 to 2014 during his travels in America, Great Britain, and Colombia. The frames are entirely filled by unforgiving portraits of people who have been battered and bruised by life itself. Bruce Gilden’s mugshots are exactly that: the result of being mugged by his camera by being poor, disenfranchised and, in some instances, by a retreat into alcoholism or addiction. Unusually, he was able to gain permission from all his subjects.


S Magazine in accordance with Leica, shot entirely by Bruce Gilden as he traipses across America, from state fair to state fair, to run-down neighbourhood.

"My photography has transformed into a personal comment on the state of the contemporary American Dream, and the anxiety about an often bleak and uncertain future that I discern in the eyes of my compatriots."


RATP welcomes Bruce Gilden into 16 metro and RER stations to exhibit exclusive works, a testimony to his perception of urban mobility, in five cities where the RATP Group operates: Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Manchester, New York and Paris.

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