Mermelstein is a legend in the field with his images appearing in magazines such as Life and The New Yorker. Jeff has a unique affinity for capturing people in moments of distinct human idiosyncrasy. Once described as “an absurdist with a sense of humour”, it became easy to connect his work to a “funny humanity”. However it became harder to refine on the dramatic composition and impossible light that seems to recall on the divine intervention, rather than street-style spontaneity. He has published numerous books on street photography. Mermelstein is touted as the author of the best New York novel, Sidewalk, an assertion that implies how his photographs truly tell the story of the street. He lives and works in New York City.


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Latest Projects

Life Through a Lens, the Importance of Street Photography with Jeff Mermelstein.

From moments that make history to everyday life, why capturing the real world is still so important. 

Amongst the Presidential Election, an interview with Jeff Mermelstein.

Street Photographer Jeff Mermelstein documents the U.S Presidential elections and gives us a first hand insight into the night itself. 

Behind "Basketball in Brooklyn" with Jeff Mermelstein.

An in depth interview with Jeff Mermelstein about his recent project "Basketball in Brooklyn" featured in issue 05 of Pylot Magazine.