Pierre Winther is a conceptualist, raconteur, image-maker and visionary. For over three decades, the Copenhagen-born artist has pioneered the realms of photography and film. He is credited with revolutionizing fashion photography, ushering in a new era of expression that goes beyond beautiful aesthetics to tell inimitable, unconventional stories. 

These stories are often composed of dark humor, latent ambiguity and include not uncommonly a comment on society and human behaviour. His images are elaborately staged and unfold an depiction of drama, while telling an entire story in one moment. With his mind deeply rooted in cinema, Winther created a strong trademark, that is timeless, breath-taking, sometimes a little dangerous and by preference without any digital manipulation. 

Strong concepts are what drive Winther´s work, while the medium is almost incidental. He´s known for thinking outside the box and plays often an intrinsic role in crafting the brand world. For instance, his most radical artistic treatments have been translated into award-winning commissions for Dunhill / Richmond Group, Finlandia, Hugo Boss, Nike, and JVC. Winther enjoys both a cult and commercial following because of experimental, yet iconic campaigns for brands like Diesel and Levi’s. His editorials features spreads for The Face, iD, Rolling Stone, Vibe, and Vogue. 

Pierre Winther currently works in Berlin and New York City.

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